What is the Difference Between Windows Hosting VS Linux Hosting

What is the Difference Between Windows Hosting VS Linux Hosting

Want to run your website successfully? Before launching it, you first need to decide the best hosting platform. For that, you will definitely search for the best web hosting Services Company in the USA.

Before finalizing your deal with any company, the next thing you need to figure out first is which operating system you will choose? The quarrel begins, and the center of the discussion is which one is the best Windows Hosting vs Linux Hosting.

That needs to be decided carefully because your server’s operating system’s behavior has a significant impact. This question is asked a lot that what is the difference between Windows vs Linux Hosting. Both of them use different technologies, and not all the websites are compatible with them.

Choosing the Operating System is quite essential because it would either help you or would cause a lot of stress. To jump onto the best decision, you first need to determine your goals to choose the right OS. In the discussion below, several points are highlighted in light of the debate on Windows Hosting vs Linux Hosting. Do check it out till the end. So let’s dive into it.

Windows Hosting vs Linux Hosting

Choosing the best operating system between Windows Hosting vs Linux Hosting is really a tough decision. Both the operating systems use different technologies and are very diverse. Both of them have several features that make them unique on their own.

We cannot neglect the fact that both are not compatible with every website. To choose the best one, you need first to figure out your goals and choose accordingly.

What is Windows Hosting?

It is also known as Windows Server Product for PC users, Windows is no doubt the most popular desktop operating system. Windows Hosting is not compatible with everyone. But, for businesses, it is a good fit as it offers several unique benefits.

In the case of large businesses or enterprises which have built up their website and other systems on windows programs, Windows hosting is the best fit for them because of its core features listed below:

  • It runs on the familiar Windows operating system.
  • It is compatible with other Windows tools.
  • It offers a Plesk Control panel having a user-friendly interface.
  • It often employs cloud-centric technologies.
  • With its innovative features, it offers a hybrid approach to cloud hosting.

There are many windows hosting service providers in the USA, which claim to be the best windows hosting providers. Once you are sure that you will get a Windows hosting server for your website, the second most crucial decision is to make the right choice among the best windows hosting services companies in the USA. So always choose carefully.

What is Linux Hosting

What is Linux Hosting?

It is the most popular operating system that users prefer. It is given preference because of its unique features. Linux is the default operating system for all WordPress websites. It is no doubt a more mature operating system and is compatible with cPanel. Some of its key features include:

  • It is recognized as for being the most reliable operating system.
  • It is pretty flexible and able to adapt to any environment.
  • Linux is an open-source platform. Linux hosting server is considered relatively safe.
  • It is of low cost. If your Linux hosting services provider in the USA bypasses additional license costs, you can benefit from the cheaper hosting plans.

Among the Linux hosting Services Company USA, almost everyone claims to be the best Linux hosting provider. Once you are sure about which operating system you will get for your website server, the second step is to choose the best Webhosting service company in the USA.

Why should you Pick Windows Hosting?

In the debate of Windows Hosting vs Linux Hosting, people often question why one should pick windows hosting? Well, one doesn’t need to choose windows hosting for their website necessarily. But for the websites that are built on Microsoft technologies of ASP.NET and MSSQL database.

They enable you to enjoy the following features:

    • High-Performance Server:

These are the dedicated servers that work perfectly for high-traffic websites.

    • Compatibility:

It is compatible with all windows systems and languages.

    • Viability:

Due to rising competition among the service providers and technological development, the machine has become affordable even for small businesses.

    • Accessibility:

It allows its users to get access to high-end technologies.

In the competition of windows hosting vs Linux hosting, windows hosting offers numerous unique features, but it is of a higher price. The customers need to buy a license to use a windows hosting server because it is a Microsoft-owned commercially sold product.

Why should you Pick Linux Hosting?

In the never-ending competition between Windows hosting vs Linux hosting, most people choose Linux hosting. To enjoy the best web hosting services, Linux is the perfect option because of its flexibility and compatibility. Unlike windows hosting, Linux hosting is affordable and pocket-friendly for small developing businesses.

Its core features include:

    • Open-source Platform:

It is more prevalent among users because it is an open-source platform that allows codes to be modified and redistributed without restriction.

    • Security:

Being an open-source platform, Linux is considered a safe web hosting operating system.

    • Flexibility:

Either you are starting a WordPress blog, online store, or any other business Linux can adapt to any environment.

    • Affordability:

Linux hosting server is a cost-effective option as it is open-source and easier to maintain because it does not require regular updates, so it costs less.

To benefit from Linux hosting, you should choose the best Linux hosting providers to offer you the best hosting plan.

Windows Hosting VS Linux Hosting

Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting Compared

On comparing Linux hosting vs Windows hosting, we can figure out the following facts that are:

    • Efficiency:

Linux is light weighted, easy on server resources while executing commands, and faster than windows.

    • Stability:

Talking about the hacking risks, Windows is more prone to threats as compared to Linux. Linux hardly ever needs a reboot making it more stable for business-critical applications as windows cannot deal efficiently with multiple tasks.

    • User Interface:

Windows interface is user-friendly and easy to understand. Linux makes server maintenance easier for its users, its administrator relies on cPanel because its command line and syntaxes are challenging to learn.

    • Compatibility:

For large organizations having complex IT infrastructures, Windows is the best choice. Taking examples of SharePoint and Exchange are the ones compatible with Microsoft applications. If you are working on a website for corporate business, Windows would be an ideal choice rather than Linux.

    • Pricing:

You will find a significant difference in the prices while comparing Windows hosting vs Linux hosting. Linux hosting services are available at low prices, while windows hosting is a bit expensive and not a good choice for low budget businesses.  

Common Areas of Windows and Linux Hosting

Both the operating systems are of equal importance according to their accessibility and compatibility. To choose the best one, always keeps in mind the type and core objectives of your website.

Depending upon the use and the type of website, the correct hosting server will offer you the best experience and will surely benefit you a lot.

Both the hosting servers offer reliable and compatible services according to their capabilities and ensure to meet the requirements of their users. Now it is the user’s responsibility to make the right choice between Windows hosting vs Linux hosting, considering and figuring out their goals.


Common Areas of Windows and Linux Hosting

Which Hosting is the best for WordPress: Linux or Windows

If your website is on WordPress then Linux is the best option for you. WordPress runs on PHP. Windows having Microsoft Access Database is not compatible with MySQL, and it will slow down the website.

Linux offers greater flexibility for open-source platforms. It is also capable enough to manage custom code and application development. Hence, it best suits WordPress.


So the debate of Windows Hosting vs Linus hosting comes to an end. To get the best hosting services for your website, list all your requirements and choose the best OS accordingly. Despite deciding which one is the best among Linux hosting vs Windows hosting, ask yourself about:

  • What is your budget?
  • What type of software are you going to install?
  • Can you afford additional costs in case of purchasing a license?
  • Do you want easy-to-use software with a user-friendly interface?
  • Do you want to enjoy greater flexibility?

Once you figure out these answers, you can easily decide which one to choose from Windows Hosting vs Linux hosting.

To get a better experience of web hosting, one of the best websites services companies in the USA is Anika Hosting. It offers you the best services and affordable plans according to your demands. For a better and reliable experience, do check out the amazing and reliable services of Anika hosting.




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