Pros and Cons of Shared Hosting

Pros and Cons of Shared Hosting

Most hosting companies tend to offer more than one plan for every type of hosting. At Anika Hosting, we have three shared hosting plans for our clients to choose from. Shared hosting is an excellent solution for those starting out on restricted budgets and who want to test the waters with their projects. We would say our shared web hosting plans are aimed at small businesses and personal blogs.

Shared hosting means that you are sharing one server with other clients, Websites that are hosted on the same server are sharing the server’s resources, such as memory, processing power and disk space.

Pros And Cons Of Shared Hosting


Affordable: Low price, Perfect for startups and small businesses wanting to get online. The main reason why people will choose Shared Hosting is due to the incredibly low price when compared with Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers. All shared hosting options use a single server which is equally shared across multiple random accounts.

Manageable: Shared hosting is user-friendly and comes with preconfigured options making it easier to use and preloaded with an easy-to-understand management panel. There will be no additional server maintenance and administration.


Limited Control: Shared hosting has little or no control over server configuration so if you want something with a little more control you need to consider a Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated Server.

Shared Resources: When on a shared hosting plan, you will share resources with other website owners. Increases in traffic on other accounts can affect your website speed. Anika hosting has taken this into account, and we have a much higher resource even on our lowest packages and we provide a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can get started today.



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